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Book Review: Brand of Light

Today I'd like to introduce you to an author I absolutely love. Ronie Kendig.

Ronie is a Christian romantic suspense and Speculative fiction author. I stumbled on her books through a Christian Fiction Readers group on Facebook.

Here is the write up on Amazon.

Tertian Space Coalition has blessed every planet in the quadrants with high technology, save one: Drosero.

But in spite of their tenuous treaty with the ruling clans, TSC has plans for the backward planet. And they're not alone.

After a catastrophic explosion, Kersei Dragoumis awakens in a derelict shuttle, alone, injured, and ignorant of the forbidden technology that has swept her into a nightmare. The brand she's borne since childhood burns mysteriously, but the pain is nothing to that when she learns her family is dead and she is accused of their murders.

Across the quadrants, Marco Dusan responds to the call of a holy order—not to join them, but to seek a bounty. Gifted—or cursed—with abilities that mark him a Kynigos, a tracker sworn to bring interplanetary fugitives to justice, Marco discovers this particular bounty has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with prophecy. One that involves the hunter as much as the hunted.

What I loved about this book.

The world-building and fast pace kept me on the edge of my seat. The plotline flowed together and the vivid action experienced by the characters put you right in the middle of the story allowing your imagination to run wild. I enjoyed the fact that the characters were real, experiencing real things and real emotions. You could see and experience their struggles and joys.

There were some parts that I didn't enjoy like what was up with Darius? And the ending ah man, I really didn't see that coming.

If you are looking for a great space opera with lots of actions, thrills, and a buzzing plotline then Brand of Light is the book for you. PS The next book Dawn of Vengence will be available in December 2020.

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