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Fear, he is a liar...

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10

While I drove to work yesterday, the song, Fear he is Liar by Zack Williams, came on my phone. Now I'm no techie but the only way I can listen to anything in my car is over my smartphone. Anyway...

I know you like me are no stranger to fear. Fear is being fed to us every day, whether it is over the radio, on our favourite TV station or through our schools. Or from our work environments or people we love. And like most people when exposed to continuous doses of toxic thoughts and opinions, our faith dwindles and anxiety troops like a marching band through our thoughts. What if I get laid off? What happens if I catch the COVID? What happens if I don't wear a mask and someone I love dearly gets sick? Fear, fear, fear. Moment by moment, thought by thought, our certainty withers and our peace disappears. We become a people consumed by fear. This isn't something I say lightly. I am a person who suffers some days with crippling anxiety. Where fight or flight are my only options and peace is nowhere to be found in my heart. My anxiety often stems from the opinions of others. Am I good enough? Will I be accepted for who I am? Is my best good enough? Even these fears are lies the devil tells me to stop me from being our best. Fear is a liar.

Fear tells us everything that is wrong but forgets what is right and good through our Lord Jesus.

Fear tells us we are disliked, but it forgets to mention how loved we are and how precious we are in the sight of God.

Fear tells us that disease can be the master of our destiny, but it forgets to mention the Father who has conquered death and sickness.

Fear tells us that we will never be good enough, but it forgets to mention that in Jesus we are always enough.

You see, Fear is a liar but God is always truth.

When we begin to see the attacks of fear for what they really are, we begin to see the lie it holds. Fear is a liar. But in Jesus we are overcomers.

I hope this brings courage to your heart as it does to mine. When we see that Jesus is with us and for us, we can be our best and no longer allow fear to control us.

Until next time Stay safe and healthy.

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