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It is FINISHED! by Wannapik

All people are talking about now days is the virus and the virus and the virus, and although all the information overload we are getting is important let us not let this distract us from the greatest information we have received. It is FINISHED. Jesus is risen from the grave and conquered death and sin. With all the negativity surrounding us this is one fact we can take hope in. One fact that will never change. It doesn't change when school, stores and pretty much everything is closed, it doesn't changed when we are holed up in our homes unable to go anywhere and it will not change no matter what is still to come. Jesus is RISEN, He is King and God is still on the throne. When life looks dark let's look to God our light and our salvation because He was won the day, fought the battle and defeated the enemy and is ALIVE. Hallelujah! IT IS FINISHED!

Have a wonderful week and God bless you.

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