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My Inspiration

Joyce Meyer once said, "Do it afraid." I guess that would describe my writing journey so far. Jerry Jenkins often talks about the fear that holds us back as writers. What will people think of my writing? What if nobody wants to hear my story? Worse still...what is I get a bad review (Personally...I've received a bad review and I don't think I have felt my heart heavier, it took me almost a week to get back to writing.) And yet despite all this, I push forward because I believe that there are those that need to hear my stories.

My writing has been inspired by many different things primarily situations that I have come into contact with or circumstances that have happened in my own life. My faith also has a huge impact on my writing and the messages in my books. As an avid reader books play a huge part in my life so far I have definitely been a reader far longer than I have been a writer and yet writing has unleased a part of me that I have ignored for the better part of my life. Writing always seemed to me a dream that would never happen, that dream you think about in passing but never really do anything to realize until the day you can no longer ignore the dream it demands your attention and your energy. That is the way I began writing. Another quote that inspires me is " Write the book you want to read." I have to say I'm a particular reader and ran out of options between romance books with repetitive storylines, ya books with way more information than I appreciated, and romantic suspense books that had more suspense than romance and Christian books that actually had no Christian message. Thus leading to the conclusion that if I wanted to read a certain type of book I would have to write it myself and so the journey began.

After all that long to do...what inspires you to write if you do or what do you like to read if you don't?

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