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Probably one of the greatest compliments I ever received.

As a Christian author, one of the things that concern me is that nobody will want to read about Jesus and the Christian Faith. The world is so busy with the world that God is no longer seen by too many as 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life-John 14:6.'

This morning I got an email from a lady overseas asking about one of the books I had written in months gone by. The book got a relatively good reception but there were some newbie mistakes made in it and so I decided to take it down. I don't know where this lady got a copy of the book (Apparently it was still available on Kindle KU) but she gave it a stunning review and in her email this morning asked if she could buy a paperback copy. I was conflicted as to whether to do this although I think the book is good there are still some mistakes in it, which I am currently working on. It was the lady's reason for asking for the book that convinced me to say yes. She said she had a friend who was having some trouble with a teen and she believed that the godly message I had given in my book would help this teen or at least help them to think twice about a situation they were in. Praise the Lord.

To me, this was one of the greatest compliments I have ever received as an author. At last, the hours of blood, sweat, and prayers I had put into my writing had reached someone. Had made a difference in their lives. I may never know if that teen learned that God loves them but the one thing I will know is that my heart for all of my books reached out and made someone's life better. Today I praise God for the gift He gave me to write and the people He placed around me to encourage me to follow my dream of writing. All Glory to God.

And to that lady who emailed me this morning, thank you for making my day.

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Debra A Irsik
Debra A Irsik
Mar 12, 2021

Being a Christian writer definitely makes our box smaller...your words struck a chord because I have written an upper MG series and my best readers have been mothers and grandmothers. They want their families to read Christian fiction but it is hard to crack. Good Luck and God Bless.

D.A. Irsik

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