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Something excellent this way comes...

You, Me, and the Stars Sneak Peek...

The Last thing she needed was him.

Mrs. Wilson was totally unfair. How could she possibly think that partnering her with the nerdy goody two shoes was a good idea? It wasn't. No matter how you sliced it. The idea of spending the next month working with Christian Blythe was not something Willow Rysen wanted to do or cared to do. She just needed a passing grade, and that was it. But why was it that each time those gorgeous brown eyes met hers, something warm and fuzzy would happen?

You, Me and the Stars is a relevant and inspirational look into the world of teenage romance. In You, Me, and the Stars, two teens on opposite ends of the social scale are forced to work on a Science project together. Willow Rysen, the pretty popular girl, and Christian Blythe, the humble nerd. You, Me, and the Stars follow Christian and Willow as they go from reluctant enemies to friends and then perhaps something more. And that even with faith as small as a mustard seed, the hardest heart can be won. You, Me, and the Stars will warm your heart with its tale of young love, the trials we face, and how God can ultimately change us into the people we long to be no matter what our ages.

You, Me and the Stars will release this Summer through Ambassador International.

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