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The best is yet to come

There is glory for the time to come. A great many people seem to forget that the best is before us. Dr. Bonar once said that everything before the true believer is "glorious." this thought took a hold on my soul, and I began to look the matter up, and see what I could find in Scripture that was glorious hereafter. I found that the kingdom we are going to inherit is glorious; our crown is to be a "crown of glory"; the city we are going to inhabit is the city of the glorified; the songs we are to sing are the songs of the glorified; we are to wear the garments of "glory and beauty"; our society will be the society of the glorified; our rest is to be "glorious"; the country to which we are going is to be full of "the glory of God and of the Lamb." There are many who are always looking on the backward path, and mourning over the troubles through which they have passed; they keep lugging up that cares and anxieties they have been called to bear, and are forever looking at them. Why should we go reeling and staggering under the burdens and cares of life when we have such great prospects before us?- DL Moody. From Day to Day with DL Moody. Ambassador Publishers.

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