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19 April 2023

Can one decision change your life?

For Amy Carter, life is rarely fair. Her friends are leaving school one by one, her parents are on the precipice of divorce, and she is failing more classes than she'd like.

But the worst is yet to come.

Amy has a secret. A darkness in her mind that haunts her night hours and is kept at bay only by partying, hooking up, and lying through her teeth. When the challenges she faces gradually cave in on one another, Amy becomes overwhelmed and takes the only way out she can see. Her life at the edge of a shard of glass.

Brad Thorn is messed up. One step away from jail and carrying the weight of his father's expectations, he hides his regrets at the bottom of the bottle.

You Found Me is an honest look at the struggles teens face, the choices they regret and the healing that can only be found in the arms of a loving Savior.

April 2022

Candice Hillman is on the precipice of completing her senior year at Bethel Private School. Although her parents are mostly absent from her life after their divorce, Candice finds support in her housekeeper, Mrs. Potter, and her boyfriend Brad. When a night of too much partying leads to a pregnancy, her carefully-constructed world comes crashing down forcing Candice to relook at her life and the choices she makes regarding her baby.

Someone Like You, the second book in the Bethel Private School series, is a heartfelt look at the struggles of teenage pregnancy and takes readers on a journey of acceptance, forgiveness, and the wonders of God’s grace with a little bit of romance thrown in along the way.

July 2021

He thinks she's shallow, she thinks he's a nerd. What happens when they are forced to work together?

Polar opposites, pretty girl Willow Rysen and humble nerd Christian Blythe, find themselves forced to work together on a project for their science class at Bethel Private School. While she sees a good grade to help pass the course on her horizon, his hopes of a great grade seem to fizzle faster than a piece of calcium carbonate in a bottle of hydrochloric acid.

As the two work on their project, debating the Bible versus science, Miss Popular finds her world turned upside down after a night of partying, made even worse when Christian is the only one around to rescue her. Will she find that the grace of God can overcome her past failures or will she allow the lure of the world's ideologies to keep her tight in its grasp?

You, Me, and the Stars will melt the toughest heart with its tale of young love, the trials we face, and how God can ultimately change us into the people we long to be no matter what our ages.

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