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Sneak Peek: You, Me and the Stars

Okay, so this isn't the actual book cover but it is beautiful isn't it?

“Remind me why I took this class again?” Willow groaned.

“Because you need a science requirement for college,” Felicia said.

“Right, and why do I want to go to college?”

Felicia snorted and leaned back in her chair. “Cute boys.”

Willow flashed an exaggerated wink in this week’s date’s direction as she sat down and pulled out her mirror. Her hair and lips would need some attention after their earlier passionate interlude. She ran her tongue over her bruised lips before sliding her favorite strawberry lip gloss over them. Brad was an okay kisser but magic with his hands. She could find a better kisser next week. Every boy in Bethel Private School wanted a chance to tame Wild Willow. She smirked and applied another layer of her pink lip gloss and ran her hands through her tangled hair. She needed a brush.

Felicia plopped into the desk next to her. “You still up for a rager this weekend? My folks are visiting my aunt again.”

“Class, settle down,” Mrs. Wilson called.

“What drinks?” Willow whispered.

Felicia thought for a minute then said, “I can ask Brad’s older brother if he’ll go to the bottle store for us again. Those Trailblazers and Fruity mishmash’s we made last time were pretty good. Although maybe Jace could. His birthday is on Friday.”

“Who’s coming? Hang on a sec. Let me text the guys.” Willow whipped out her phone and opened the group chat app.

Felicia leaned over her desk. “Add Brady.”

Willow nodded. She didn’t how she’d make that one fly. Oh well. Brady or Brad. She’d choose later.

“Ms. Rysen and Ms. Wren, please keep your discussions for after school.” Mrs. Wilson gave them both a stern look.

Willow smiled sweetly and clicked off her phone. She didn’t need another trip to Principal Rory’s office this week. Good thing Daddy had paid for the renovations on the library last year.

“Today, I will be assigning you partners for your final Science project.” Mrs Wilson cleared her throat and ran her finger down the paper on her desk. “Felicia Wren, you will be going with Ted Martin. . .”

Willow focused on making a party list. She didn’t care who she got. She’d make them do the work and sail off their grade. The nerdy types were always ready and willing to help the Queen Bee of Bethel just for a special mention on her lips. Willow smiled. It was so easy to be her. The period bled on. Willow finished the party list and started doodling around the names. She curled roses up and over their names before drawing several sets of large spikes on the roses’s stems. The party list was soon joined by an array of roses, spikes, and lips. Willow couldn’t help remembering Brad’s lips from this morning. Maybe she should give Connor another go. He was a better kisser. She scribbled his name onto the list.

Someone shook her arm. Willow glanced over at Felicia and raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”

“You’re paired with some guy named Christian Blythe.”

She scanned the room, hoping to see a new face that could maybe be her mysterious science partner, but the same old faces filled her vision. Amy Carter sat next to Felicia. Brad and his friends sat at the back table, and the social misfits sat around trying not to be noticed by anybody. Christian was most likely in the other class.

“At Bethel we hold to Christian ideologies and truths; however, in secular circles, it is said that science and the Bible can in no way complement each other,” Mrs. Wilson said. “We are going to look at this subject and discuss it from a Christian and a non-Christian perspective. You and your partner will each take a side, and in one month’s time, you will present your project to the class in the form of a debate.”

Exhaling loudly, Willow rolled her eyes and crossed her arms with practiced impatience over her chest. Great! She would have to do some of the project. This day had just gone from easy to a cataclysmic disaster.

“Will,” Felicia tapped her desk, throwing her attention back to the classroom. Mrs. Wilson was still talking. Maybe she should pay attention as heaven knew she needed this grade.

“. . .Wikipedia, is not a valid source so don’t even try it.” Mrs. Wilson glanced in Amy’s direction.

Amy’s face broke out in a red river, and Willow smirked. She took out her nail file and studied her nails. Neither side of the argument sounded particularly appealing. Her father had once said that Christians were the reason that the world was in such a mess. She’d choose the side with the least amount of work. Just as she reached her last fingernail, the bell rang and freed her from giving any other thought to her science class. Willow grabbed her bag and stuffed her notebook and the assignment sheet in before swinging it over her shoulder and making for the door. She’d look at it later if she was bored and nothing better to do with her time. Felicia linked arms with her, and they strolled to their next class. “Any idea who this guy is?”

“I hope he’s hot and athletic.”

Felicia laughed then pulled to a stop. “Watch—"

Willow smacked into something hard. She stumbled back, a strong hand wrapping around her wrist to stop her fall.

“Sorry, are you all right?” a quiet voice like smooth melted chocolate over a cold ice cream asked. Delicious.

Willow opened her mouth to speak, then her words froze in her throat as the owner of the voice came into view. Dark hair curled around the boy’s angular face, and soft brown eyes that could melt your heart peaked out from behind black fashionable glasses. And his lips. Those lips were made for kissing. The boy cleared his throat, a feint pink in his cheeks and extended his hand toward her. “Hi, I’m Christian Blythe.”

Willow smiled and shook the boy’s hand. So, this was her science partner. “Willow Rysen.” Little tingles traveled up her arm from where their hands connected. Working with this guy was going to be something to remember.

“Will, we have to go. The smell of nerd is offending my nose,” Felicia said.

“What?” Willow yanked her gaze away from Christian’s face, taking note of what he wore in one hurried swoop. Baggie cargo pants, an open blue button up, and an orange T-shirt that said, “I learned to speak Klingon.” Nerd indeed.

Willow sneered. The giddy feeling she’d had a moment ago turning into abject horror. She glared at Christian. How dare he? Ignoring the clear disbelief in his expression, she dragged Felicia around him and stormed off to their next class, silently cursing the butterflies that still fluttered in her tummy.

What was going on with her?

Shaking her head, she pushed back her shoulders and plastered a bogusly happy smile on her face. “So, that party on Saturday.”

Want some more? You, Me and the Stars will be released early 2021.

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